Yoga For The Parts You Forgot About (After Working All Day)

Yoga for the parts you forgot about

Having a yoga practice is something I’ve added in my life over the past few years and it has helped me in many different ways – anxiety, posture, breathing, taking a moment for myself.

One of the main ones being it helps to take care of aches and pains. All that stretching and mindfulness – do I really need to convince you how good this can be for you? 🙂

My body tends to ache in three main places: shoulders, fingers, and feet/ankles.

How many times during the day do think about your posture or pull your shoulders back? How about all the typing we do all day, both on the computer and phones – your fingers and shoulders are probably yelling for some relaxation.

Yoga for the parts you forgot about

If you’re looking for a good stretch, give these videos a try! You definitely don’t have to be flexible or really have any kind of yoga practice – these teachers do a great job of explaining everything.

Pick one or two and give it a try. The videos range from 4 to 30 minutes, so the variety is there.

Head – Neck and Shoulders

Daily Neck Relief, 4 minutes

Yoga For Neck and Shoulder Relief, 17 minutes

Yoga For Headaches, 30 minutes

Hands – Wrists and Fingers

Yoga For Healthy Wrists, 4 minutes

Yoga For Wrists and Fingers, 11 minutes

Yoga For Wrist Pain, 22 minutes

Feet – Ankles and Toes

Yoga For Feet and Ankles, 17 minutes

Yoga For Service Industy, 17 minutes

Yoga For Tired Legs, 26 minutes