Let’s Get Together – We Got Married!

One of our first worries about going to the hospital was how we were going to handle our relationship when it came to the staff. What were we going to say? The thought of having to potentially lie to stay with him and talk to doctors was super stressful and shot my anxiety up quite a bit.

However, it only ended up being a big deal once they cut his artery and emergency paperwork needed to be signed… [this is where I scream: NOT MY FAULT!]

As of January 13, 2019 – our 15 year anniversary, we don’t have to worry about that because we got married! We are officially legal and don’t have to do a whole explanation of, “…, but we own a house together and that seems to be way more work than getting married.”

I can now say that buying a house is a CRAP TON harder to make happen than a marriage, even with Florida’s three-day waiting period for residents. (If you’re not from here though, same day marriage…explain that one please.)

Our friend, Thomas, became ordained in July when we weren’t sure what Jeff’s status was going to be. And it was then that we talked about possibly getting married in the hospital.

Beyond not having the money to host a get together with all our family and friends, our quiet backyard ceremony was perfect. It required very little planning other than getting people here.

Amanda agreed to take photos and she did a great job of capturing the afternoon. And Lukasz and Alicia made all of the food – salad, bread, chicken moscato, chicken tomato soup, green beans, and stuffing.

Fun fact: We wrote vows and were planning to read them during the ceremony, but to ease all worries we read them to each other in the Waffle House parking lot after we ate breakfast. [Love and waffles 4ever.]


Hugs and group photos


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