Tiny But Mighty by Hannah Shaw aka Kitten Lady

Thank you to Hannah and Plume for the book. I received this book to review, however I was sharing about Tiny But Mighty before having the book because I felt it would change lives – cats and humans. And after reading it, I know that’ll be true.

Hannah Shaw, quite possibly better known as Kitten Lady, rescues kittens, travels giving informative talks, answers the some of the same questions over and over again on social media with so much patience, AND she wrote a book, which we’re about to chat about. [IT’S OUT NOW!]

Kitten Lady is all about saving tiny lives – those that are Tiny But Mighty.

Hannah somehow managed to take, what seems to be, all the knowledge that she has in her kitten-loving head and put it in book form, which is a total companion to her loads of educational videos on YouTube.

While the book is called Tiny But Mighty, the book itself is far from tiny. The pages are LOADED with information, mighty amounts one may say…

Astonishing fact: Cats have the ability to get pregnant at 4 months old.
[Let that sink in for a second. THIS is part of the reason TNR – Trap Neuter Return – is so important for animal/cat advocacy. Also, why breeding animals is completely unnecessary and does nothing but neglect the thousands that already need fostering/adopting.]

Hannah goes into how to get started with fostering – mom and babies could be “easiest” since momma cat should be doing most of the feedings at first.

The stories and descriptions are sooo good. And since I’ve watched Hannah’s videos over the years, I can totally hear her saying the funny/silly things written in the book.

Something to remember:
Every “stray” cat isn’t a stray. They could be, and quite possibly are, community cats in need of a little TNR. [page 34]

Some of my favorites:
Step by step for what to expect/how to take care of kittens during specific weeks
Supplies that are needed
Playtime/toys and the precautions
Learning the “feral-kitten wiggle” – I definitely did this with Chiker 
Reading the story of Eloise, while tearing up
Photos galore

Years ago, we found a single kitten in the front bush of our home and had no idea what to do with it. The kitten was on its own and we were able to find it a home, but this book would have helped so much then, and the knowledge will definitely help me when we come across more…it’s bound to happen.

Thanks to Hannah and her amazing team for all that they do!

Chiker [via me] is now a member of the Orphan Kitten Club!

If you want to help out, but aren’t sure how to, donating to the OKC helps out so many kittens!