Mind Unwind no. 5

Sharpie Art Pens

Yep. Pens. During school, part of the excitement for me was constantly getting new writing utensils. And now I am all about these Sharpie pens. While some of the colors may be a bit lighter than what I typically use, it’s nice to have a variety and each of the 12 pens have been going strong for over a year and a half now. They are fine tipped and smudge free – wins for me!

Sewing Community

Sewing has become a new thing for me to wrap my head around and soak up because you can essentially create anything you can imagine. Instagram is where I find most everyone helpful and willing to teach others. And obviously YouTube has hours and hours and hours of video tutorials – my go to for patterns and tutorials thus far has been SewDIY.

Also, I would appreciate it if Instagram allowed me to follow hashtags [somehow I’m still not able to do that] because there are SO many people in the community that share tips and tricks.


When a regular yoga practice is out of my life, I feel it. In every way possible. While I’m always battling negative thoughts on a regular basis, my time on the mat is a calming place for me. Those 10-30 minute periods allow me to zone out as much as possible and focus on the sensations going on in my body.

The past month or so I’ve been dealing with a lot of hip pain, so much that I went to the chiropractor twice, and would have probably gone more had it not been for CBD products. Once I was able to move again, my brain knew that stretching was absolutely needed.

Yoga For The Parts You Forgot About [post with my favorite parts to stretch]

Office Break Yoga [14 minutes of stretching you can do in any clothing]

When I Wasn’t Watching

This month gave us a brand new Mandy Moore song after a freaking decade. While I’m sad a repulsive monster kept her from making music for far too long, When I Wasn’t Watching makes me super excited for all the new tracks that she’s been recording lately – shout out to her posting some studio fun on Instagram!

While looking for the new video, I was reminded of this Mandy Moore gem from 2000s.

No, it’s not Candy.