Mind Unwind no. 4

While the majority of my time was spent typing at a computer for hours and hours and hours on end, here’s what provided breaks throughout.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

We got to join friends and visit the new Star Wars part at Disney World before it opened! The four us wandered around the land for a while and tried out each of ride spots in the Smugglers Run ride.


High school Spanish is about as far as I got when it came to learning another language. Thankfully, I’ve seemed to retain most of what I learned in school. The hard part for me is actually speaking the words – thanks to my 9th grade IB Spanish teacher, I was told with my accent it didn’t bode well.

Duolingo provides a portion of learning in which you actually speak/repeat the lines provided, which seems to help my hidden southern accent fight past it. 😉 If you’re on there, let me know what you’re learning!

Schitt’s Creek

Looking for a laugh? This is definitely the place to go! Every single one of the characters plays such a role throughout the town. Sadly, this show is ending in 2020 with its sixth season. I’m currently on season three with lots of repeat-ability. Dan Levy’s character reminds me of someone that I’ve apparently come across in life and I can NOT figure out who that person is.

Welcome To

We play a lot of board games. Most of them start with a big fright of how to even begin. Welcome To wasn’t much different than that, however, once you get over ALL the possible ways you can score, dive in deep and get to building your 1950s neighborhood – place parks, build pools, and fences. While I definitely love this game overall, we don’t usually have a game that covers any amount of players, and this DOES! If you have enough sheets, everyone can play [it says 1-100 players on the box!]

There’s no dice, there’s no remembering whose turn it is – flip cards, make a decision, and build your neighborhood!

Estate Sales

Every weekend is a new adventure when it comes to estate sales. Going into someone’s home and looking at e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g they’ve owned is a whole activity in itself. While some of the sales can be busy with people, you never know what someone is there for – unless they’re being obnoxiously loud and announcing it to everyone, which happens way more often than I care to admit. And when it comes down to it, sometimes YOU won’t even know what you’re there for and you’ll come home with fabric, shelves, coffee tables, etc.

Sewed a Skirt

I MADE something [Lela Skirt] and wore it out of the house. Actually, I’ve worn it out multiple times and have since made self-drafted shorts as well.

The fabric stacks got a bit of rearranging this month and now I need to figure out a plan for what fabric will be heading to the sewing machine next!