Mind Unwind no. 3

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We had company earlier in the month, so that’s been our big excitement around here. Surrounding that, my days have been filled with transcription, which means I tend to live with headphones on. After days and days of that, my head literally needs a break.

Friendship bracelets

aka FOR YOURSELF wristlet

I’ve recently been digging making the bracelets I use to make and wear all the time as a child. I enjoy that they can be literally made anywhere – at home, in the car, in a doctor’s office. All you need is floss and tape.

Rearrange work space

Not only did simply rotating my desk open up quite a bit of space in my office, but it’s now much easier to get my chair over to the sewing machine. Next step is to figure out how to get a table in here…though that can’t happen since I room with the eBay storage.

Tiny But Mighty

book was provided by the publisher

Any non-working moments have been spent reading the abundance of knowledge that Hannah Shaw [Kitten Lady] has written to help save tiny lives. Tiny But Mighty is available for pre-order and will be available on August 6.

Parent Trap

There’s no actual way to know how many times I have seen this movie. [To be clear, the Haley Mills one is the only one I’ll acknowledge.] Something about this movie makes me run through a whole bunch of emotions – from the movie and also thinking about the poor VHS tape that got play over and over and over again. I keep a non-VHS copy around for days when I just want a simple and heartwarming movie…to quote every line from.

Veronica Mars

Veronica Mars season four happened and holy moly was it a lot. The show seemed to grow with the audience and characters and it looked great, along with seeing classic VM moments and a new intro. I was thrilled that it was released a few days earlier than expected, but having those moments back before the tears started during the final episode would be great as well. [insert super loud sigh]