Mind Unwind no. 1

There’s a lot going on in the world. And in general.
[hi anxieties, I see you]
Let’s unwind together, shall we?


Sewing Isn’t Scary >> It had been YEARS since I used a sewing machine and with the help of Elise’s course I felt great about jumping in and trying to make something.

Cat School >> Chiker and I are both learning when it comes to these courses. We’ve been working on fist bumps and high fives. It’s adorable. [Cat School Instagram]



Hammock >> My parents gave us this hammock for Christmas and it definitely gets used regularly. With the temperature hitting 90 well before noon, the only time I go outside anymore is when I take Chiker out back to get in the hammock and read.

Marco Polo app >> Marco? Polo! No, seriously, you can play that game with someone on this app if you want, because basically you leave them a visual voice mail. It’s like Facetiming with someone, but at your own convenience. I’ve used Marco Polo for a couple of years now [at least a few times a week] and it’s helped me connect/re-connect with friends, long distance and not. Sometimes it’s nice to have face-to-face time without having to do it on someone else’s schedule.

Cat window bed >> While the cat is technically the only one that can use it, we get a ton of laughs seeing Chiker in his own little hammock. Plus they just updated the suction cups and they seem to be making a big difference.


The Twilight Zone >> Whoa. My mind gets caught up in the details in the reboot of this show.

Superstore >> While each of the characters have their things, Dina could quite possibly have some of the best lines ever.

90 Day Fiance and all the spin-offs >> We stumbled on to this show after I transcribed some of the couples and found myself trying to explain what was going on to Jeff. We usually put it on in the background while we’re working on eBay and get sucked into the drama real quick.