Our eBay Process: Purchase To Delivery

It’s hard to believe that it has been almost two years since we started regularly selling on eBay.

Thankfully prior to us jumping into it we had sold on eBay before – mainly through half.com around 2005. Then we were selling our books, CDs, and DVDs. Now we sell a little bit of everything – clothes, games, toys, household items, electronics.

When we first started talking about selling clothes, we watched videos from sellers who were currently selling and while they did help us get started, we found a groove that works really well for us as a team.

Our eBay Process, Tools, and Organization


At least once a week we venture out to thrift stores and yard sales to see what kind of goods we can find. Some stores have deals once a week, while others change it up daily or monthly.

When you think you’ve run out of items to list, don’t forget about sourcing your home! You’ll be surprised by the clothes and household items you already have that can be sold. And kindly remind family and friends that if they’re looking to get rid of things to come to you first.

At first, I was completely against selling clothes, but now it’s something we’ve become even pickier about what we list, which has made our store even stronger for us.


Once we get home (and are super exhausted), the treasures get separated in piles to make the next step easier. Along with that, comes removing price tags and stickers.

{Be careful not to remove any tags that show the item is “NWT” – new with tags.}

*Tools we use: Sticker peelers, Goo Gone


Once a little research has been done, I input the brand information, measurements, condition, and price into a draft. Everything put there is what the potential buyer will see when the listing is active.

Honesty is the only policy – call out (and photograph) flaws, stains, scratches, etc. Depending on the item, it may still be worth something, even with holes and beer stains.

I draft non-clothing items first and then go through the separated stacks of clothing – women’s, men’s, and flat lays. As the piles are completed, I pass them off to Jeff for the rest.


Good photos are so important. Show off your item in the best light possible so it stands out and people will be more apt to buy if they can see all the details.

If clothes are wrinkled when they get to Jeff, he’ll steam it before photos to make it look as good as it should!

When it comes to the pictures, phone cameras can most definitely do the trick. Jeff uses an iPhone and takes square photos since they work best on mobile.


While our processes have evolved over the past two years, there’s one thing we’ve always done that helps keep us on track – package for shipping before the item is even listed.

Why? People get their purchases faster and there’s no guessing on shipping costs for the customer, which means they are able to get the best deal overall.

Everything gets wrapped for weather protection, a thank you note is included, and then it gets labeled, weighed, and placed in the corresponding bin.

*Tools we use: USPS mailers, recycled boxes, labels, shelving, clear storage binspostage scale, quiet packaging tape, poly bags, shipping bags

{Be on the lookout for the bins on sale at Target!}


We ship Monday through Friday. I have an alarm set on my phone which reminds me to pull everything that has sold. From there, Jeff prints the shipping labels and we drop them off for delivery to their new home.

*Tools we use: Zebra 450 printer {Keep an eye on eBay for occasional deals!}


Mixed in with everything above, here’s other some daily tasks that pop up on eBay:

  • leaving feedback
  • running sales
  • relisting items
  • repricing things as needed
  • answering questions {understood as: interpreting what people mean and learning patience}

*Tools we use: breaks away from computers and phones

Not only do we recycle a crap ton of boxes and materials, we up-cycle so much clothing, toys, and tech that could quite possibly get lost in the trash forever.

Plus, the sweet “cha-ching” sound the app makes lets us know that we’re doing things right.

Here’s to growth, satisfied buyers, and deals!

Side note: All of this is done as a partnership with Jeff and myself. We somehow manage to tackle this along with all of our other work.

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