Walt Disney World’s Cinderella Castle Suite

Cinderella Castle Suite

Growing up near Disney, we spent a lot of time at the theme parks. A lot of my childhood included Cinderella Castle. We had annual passes and we visited quite often. We never did any of the tours, but I’ve been able to see quite a bit of the theme parks backstage over the years – I’ve spent a few years on and off working for Disney, both backstage and “onstage.”

The one thing that everyone always lusted after and wanted to see was the supposed Cinderella Castle suite located in the Magic Kingdom. I remember there being rumors as to if it even existed.

In 2006 Disney World celebrated the “Year of a Million Dreams”, which included a family staying in THE Cinderella Castle suite, along with a whole VIP day at the park.

During the year I was working at Magic Kingdom, I lost count as to how many people wanted to know how they could stay there – whether they could rent it…or you know, maybe I could let them stay *because I clearly had that kind of power*

When my name was pulled for a chance to actually go IN the castle suite for myself, I jumped at it! I knew it was one of those once-in-a-lifetime things for me. Plus being there as a guest in the early morning hours is a bit better with views like this.

Magic Kingdom early morning Magic Kingdom early morning Magic Kingdom early morning

The large door holds the key to so much thought and detail.

Entry way

There’s a small reception area with tapestries and also a clock, that is stopped at 11:59! (Details people, it’s all about the details!)

Cinderella Castle Suite

I didn’t get a picture of the clock, but it’s to the right of Cathy in the above photo. You can see the side of it at least 🙂

Entrance To Suite

After riding the tiny elevator up…we were greeted by these sights.

Our tour guide, Cathy Carver, was the lead designer of the suite, so she was able to give us a lot of little insight into how they picked out items.

We learned that her and her co-worker headed out to different shops looking for items for the suite, all while not telling anyone in any of the shops what it was they were buying things for.

The suite itself is made up of three rooms.

Main Bedroom

When you first walk in, it’s all about the bedroom – two beds, fireplace, and TV.

Need to speak to the concierge during your stay? This is the phone for that.


The second room with sitting/more sleeping accommodations.

Those windows!


Right along with the rest of the suite, the bathroom area was beautiful decorated.

Cinderella Castle Suite Cinderella Castle Suite Cinderella Castle Suite Cinderella Castle Suite

Cathy kept telling us to sit on the beds and I couldn’t bring myself to do it, so I took a picture with her instead 🙂

They were listing off a bunch of celebrity names that have stayed there, but just to have been able to see it was a cherry on the Disney World sundae!