Chiker: The Cat, The Name, The Story

Cat with wool chicken drumstick

Every year has its rough patches and yeah, 2016 was no different. Actually, it would seem that 2016 was the year of all of the tests…

It started out with someone we know being stabbed in the head, at Universal Studios, by someone else we know.

It ended with another person we know being murdered by people he knew.

In May, Emma (our cat) came down with lymphoma and her eye had to be removed. A short time later, the disease spread and her other eye was removed. A couple of weeks after that, on July 31, we lost her.

A month after Emma passed away, we realized (with the help of our friends) how empty the house felt and how weird it was to come back to an empty house where no one is there waiting to pass their love to you.

After filling out the adoption application – through lots of tears, two days later we received a call that we were approved and we almost immediately headed out to see the kitties. I left the house with one particular kitten in mind, but when we got there she had a little eye infection. Here we had just lost Emma, our blind cat, so I wasn’t emotionally ready to handle that.

After some deliberation (out of the room, because we didn’t want the kitties to hear us talk about them apparently haha), we decided on a sweet little 4 month old kitty named Nantucket. He would not leave Jeff’s feet, and when we did, it was to get in the sink.

The name change

Nantucket was not going to be his name, so he was nameless for a day or two while we tried out some contenders. Jokingly we started calling him Hitchhiker because three of his paws have thumbs, and the name Chiker (Chi-ker) was born from that.

As soon as we got him to the house, he was home. It seemed like he had been here his whole four month life, and from that point on, he hasn’t met a person, box, or bag that he doesn’t like.

He has a bunch of nicknames: Chiks, Chiker Wetstink, Mr. Wetsink, Bubs, Jackrabbit, Dude.

Chiker was about 4 pounds when we brought him home and he’s now over well over 10 pounds – his legs are full of muscle, so I can only imagine how high he’ll be jumping. He’s a water lover, a scavenger of the scent of food (cheese, mayo, chicken), a hunter of bugs, an outdoor lover – on a leash.

AND he looks so damn distinguished in his bowties! (Thanks to Amanda for his ties!!)

Such an active little dude

We laugh at him daily. He goes completely out of control for a short amount of time – he parkors all across the house from counter to couch to recliner to another couch to up the side of the door.

He’s very playful and can keep himself entertained with toys. He’s such a hunter and carries so many toys around in his mouth. Plus he’s super adorable when he pounces…that little tail goes so fast!

Cat with wool chicken drumstick

Every night when we go to bed, he gets in bed and stays there – either right up against one of us or under the blanket.

Every morning we have a few moments of head scratching time – I scratch his head, he does not scratch mine…though I’m hoping we can train his thumbs to do some work 😉

We miss Emma every single day and when we’re in the backyard I always look to see her stone. I mean, heck, Chiker sometimes gets called Emma. One of the best parts about how all of this worked out is that Chiks was born right around the same time that Emma came down with lymphoma, so I like to think that he was meant to be with us since he was put into the adoption center the same morning we went to see the kitties 🙂

I am so glad we have this little stinker in our lives, though I keep saying that we adopted a small bobcat…