Changes All Around

Changes All Around

When I started blogging it was to work on my health. That was 2010.

I knew I wanted and needed to lose weight. My life was so wrapped up in weight loss mode and yet I wasn’t bettering myself.

It wasn’t until I stopped caring about the number and taking care of myself {and my mental health} that the number actually started to change. Once the weight was coming off I started to realize that I was making lifestyle changes that were helping me all around.

Changes I’ve Made

No pedometers.

Each time a new pedometer came out I was ready for it. THAT would be the one to keep me active and on my feet. THAT would be the one to remind me that I needed to move more often. I knew I had become a bit obsessed about wanting to hit my step goal, but it was so freeing to leave it behind. And even better to sell all my old pedometers! *eBay shout out*

Weigh-ins happen quite infrequently.

The scale is in the bathroom, but I don’t step on it much. I do track it every week or two, but my mindset isn’t there.

Goals are less weight related and more life-driven.

My goals now reflect work, creative time, ways to keep my stress at bay, how much exercise I would like to tackle, and just getting things done – it’s not about a specific number I want to see on the scale at the end of the month.

I do occasionally track my water intake, but unlike before if I miss tracking one glass or just miss the goal I know that it’s okay. I can recognize that there’s no reason to worry about it or feel any kind of guilt – it’s just time to move on to other things.

Get out of my head more often.

I am way less self-conscious than I was a year or two ago. When we go out I don’t have anxiety as much, though I am still battling that a lot.

Food choices are not a big deal…or a deal at all.

I eat what I want. While that does include a little bit of everything, that also means that I’m actually eating a lot more fruits and vegetables and going meatless more often. (Cheese and soda have been out of my life for quite a few years.)

Changes In {Blog} Name

A couple years I changed my social media handles to my full name and it was a bit scary. I felt like I was putting myself out there even more, even after over sharing for years on my blog…specific numbers about my weight – the ups and downs – hinting to anxiety filled days, and just overall crap about what I wanted to get done and what didn’t get done.

I’m not hiding behind weight or a blog pseudonym. This is a somewhat fresh start.

More photos, thoughts on life – the happiness filled days and anxiety driven times, what I’m reading/watching, thrifting and reselling adventures…and less weight focused.

KLW is me.