Thoughts Go Round

A few years ago, I came back from a long trip with a major episode of depression and cycles upon cycles of obsessive thoughts. Those days were definitely much harder for me mentally, but with the current pandemic and the state of Florida, the obsessive thoughts have returned. While they’re always hanging around, the fact […]

Mind Unwind no. 6

Affiliate links are used in this post, which means if you click and make a purchase,I may make a small commission. All shared product links are items I use. Thanks for the support! Snuffle Mat Giving Chiker daily treats became fun for both of us when he started learning tricks. When he’s sitting in his […]

Mind Unwind no. 4

While the majority of my time was spent typing at a computer for hours and hours and hours on end, here’s what provided breaks throughout. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge We got to join friends and visit the new Star Wars part at Disney World before it opened! The four us wandered around the land for […]