Mind Unwind no. 4

While the majority of my time was spent typing at a computer for hours and hours and hours on end, here’s what provided breaks throughout. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge We got to join friends and visit the new Star Wars part at Disney World before it opened! The four us wandered around the land for […]

Mind Unwind no. 3

We had company earlier in the month, so that’s been our big excitement around here. Surrounding that, my days have been filled with transcription, which means I tend to live with headphones on. After days and days of that, my head literally needs a break. Friendship bracelets aka FOR YOURSELF wristlet I’ve recently been digging […]

A Visit Years In The Making

After talking about it for way too long, and then last year’s non-fun summer put off plans yet again, we made things happen – Taylor, Jeff’s son, was able to come stay with us! It was so delightful not to have to worry about fitting ev-ery-thing into a short two day window. We finally got […]

Mind Unwind no. 2

Not only did I recently have a birthday, I completed my goals this month! This was the first time in a while I’ve kept track of how my month was going and since it worked out so well – I’m ready for July. LISTEN Forever35 >> While I’m not into serums or having babies, I […]