Hi! I’m Kelly. I’m a content producer and transcriber, which means I take photos, shoot and edit videos, blog, and whatever else I can fit in there.

When I’m not making things with technology, I’m usually putting together a LEGO set, cross stitching, or spending some time outside with our cat {yes, he goes out on a leash and everything.}

My partner, Jeff, and I have been together since 2004. We live near Orlando, Florida, with our cat, Chiker. /Ch-eye-ker/



You’ll usually find me behind a camera, transcribing, or in a thrift store.
>Most often it’ll be a mixture of the three in one day.
>Jeff and I run an eBay business which keeps our “free” time busy.

I’ve worked at Disney World a couple of times – few different roles.
>My career started on the backlot of Disney-MGM Studios.

We love exploring new towns via thrift stores and yard sales.

My childhood was spent at concerts – lots of country shows, mainly random boy bands.

I transcribe all kinds things.
>I listen to a lot of reality show footage and also interviews that have to do with murders.
>Both of which have turned my stomach.

Taking photos and making videos is something that I could spend all day doing.

I have been analog blogging since childhood.
>The online oversharing started on my AOL profile when I got dial-up internet in middle school.

Social media and blogging has been in my life {personal and work} for a while.
>I joined Twitter in March 2008 and started blogged in 2009.

My Tetris skills show themselves when I load the dishwasher, pack a bag, and coordinate projects.