9 Lifestyle Changes That Motivated A 50 Pound Weight Loss

Getting motivated to do anything can be difficult…including sharing this post. What can I say about weight loss that hasn’t been said? Not much. But I know that as many times as I’ve heard some of these things over and over, they didn’t motivate me until I was ready.

I didn’t go to meetings – this time.

I didn’t log food – this time.

I didn’t take on an exercise regimen that claimed I’d lose “10 pounds in 10 days!” (I don’t believe in that stuff.)

Here’s what helped and motivated me to get on a path to losing weight.

9 Lifestyle Changes That Motivated Me To Lose Weight

Carry a water bottle everywhere

When I’m around the house, I have a dedicated water cup for the day and I try to make sure that there is always some level of clear liquid in there. And if we’re heading out, I’ll fill a bottle with water for the car ride.


“LET ME REST AND RESTORE!” (<– that’s the body screaming)

A few years ago I thought I would never sleep again. I was up all hours of the night – and day. My mind was wandering and leading me deeper and deeper into a depressive state. Thankfully, I was able to get into a sleep routine once I started feeling better about myself and slow down the spiraling.

Most days I require a good 6-7 hours of sleep to be productive and in a decent mood. Even though we’re still slowly getting off of hospital nap hours, sleep has become more of a regular thing.

Make time for family and friends

When I was in a depression cycle I felt stuck; home, work, weight, life in general. Thankfully I had a few people I could turn to. Not always for “life” support, sometimes just to talk or say hi. Something as small as sending a text could feel like a HUGE ordeal while fighting anxiety, so knowing that I had a couple people there for me was a major help and weight off my brain.

Whether it’s face to face support from people we know, which can be harder, or virtual support via emails and texts from family and friends/internet friends, someone can be there for you if you let them.

Take time for yourself

Being around people can be good, but sometimes I need a break from the world and everything that is going on, so taking time for myself has been crucial. Whether it’s reading, yoga, playing with the cat, or crafting, getting time away from it all is good for the brain.

Therapy to help combat anxiety

A few years ago, I saw a therapist for a short time, and while it didn’t work out (she was…not the right therapist for…anyone), I was able to get enough things out of my system and was able to start working on it.

I was having extremely high levels of anxiety all throughout the day (not that it’s completely vanished), but having anxiety over what someone in a vehicle next to you is doing is not something that can be controlled and I am always trying to learn how to deal with those sorts of things.

My well being and how I treat myself and others is one of the only things that is in my control. And that is something that I am continually trying to work on and improve.

Sunlight + light activity

While the treadmill is in the garage (no sunlight), it is nice to have that controlled environment so I can walk whenever.

Not quite feeling up to activity? (Been there/still there from time to time.) Open the blinds every once in a while, let the sun shine in. A small amount of light can change a lot.

I tend to spend more time in the backyard, hiding from direct sunlight, so I can just hang out and craft while the cat chase bugs.

Find some thing you love to do and focus on it

Focus can be an issue for me. There are so many things that I enjoy doing, but I wasn’t always making the time – photo, video, writing, LEGO, crafting.

Cross stitch turned into embroidery, which turned into sewing, and I am loving every single aspect of the evolution!

We also sell on eBay, so we’re always out at thrift stores, looking through racks of items, walking around and getting an arm workout. Plus it doesn’t hurt that it’s helping pay the bills.

Food choices

I did not say that I was going to give up “x and y” foods this time around. Though I tend to not eat much dairy products (milk, cheese) because it upsets my insides, I do enjoy ice cream and cheese occasionally. 🙂

Thankfully we started eating at home a lot more to save money, so that definitely helped with multiple things. However we do still eat fast food, but I know that my food choices are so much different now than they were a few years ago.

Learn to love yourself

This is the biggest one for me. It wasn’t until I read Reform Your Inner Mean Girl that I realized how much I was beating myself up.

And then I realized how sad it was that a book like this needed to be written because SO many of us are doing the same things to ourselves. What the f?!

I recently started digging into Beyond Beautiful, which is about getting past the typical beauty standards we are bombarded with every single day.

All of this to say, when the time comes you’ll know. But the first step is getting out of your own head, which I am still learning to do.

Hug yourself. Love yourself. Be yourself.