20+ Things To Do During These Bizarre Days

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I wish I had something other to say than “what a weird world,” but…damn, what a weird world. All of us have had to step away from the normalcies of our lives and probably feel like fish flopping around figuring out what to do daily.

Minus must-do life and work, if your schedule hasn’t changed, this is me…shaking my finger at you…
These past weeks and upcoming months will affect all of us for a long time to come.
We have to [HAVE TO] take care of ourselves.

Since the majority of us are living our best lives at home [insert big eye roll] here are some ideas to keep you busy, if only for five minutes. We all need a break from the Groundhog Day-like lives we’ve been leading. Not only do we need to treat each other with kindness, but we also need to do the same for ourselves. It’s easy to get into a dark place when we’re pretty much isolated. Social media will only provide a small boost (if any) and then you gotta DO MORE!

We’re all in the same boat our own houses, so be kind online, in person, and from a freaking distance.

Take care of yourself

Dig out picture frames and create a photo wall


Learn using Skillshare [two free months] or The Science of Well-Being from Yale University for free

Sit around and do nothing

Play Animal Crossing for hours and hours

Finish (or start) that house project

Gather old photos and remember when we could easily get-together

Allow your hair to be its natural self, try a co-wash

Let your body acclimate to natural deodorant

Doodle, journal, write a poem, letter, or list of anxieties

Start the craft you’ve “always wanted to try”

Floss your teeth

Hand wash dishes [bonus: hand wash laundry]

Teach your pet a trick

Cut your nails, specifically your fingernails…keep them short and clean

Backup computer files and/or pictures on your phone

Shower and get dressed

Do a puzzle

Enjoy a book – libraries have ebook catalogs online and Scribd is providing a 30-day free trial


Clean out your closets…just don’t donate

Ask for TV/movie/book/website recommendations – try one that is atypical for your preferences

Meditate for 60 seconds – Balance is currently free for a year

If it’s pretty empty, go on a walk or bike ride in your neighborhood

Learn a new language on Duolingo for free [there’s also Duolingo ABC for children 3-6]

Pluck your eyebrows…it stops hurting, plus you can do a few and go back later. Who’s gonna know?

Text/call/video chat with someone – added fun: do a puzzle while catching up

Play a game – board, card, or video
Uno Flip
Jaipur [two-player game]
Ghost Fightin’ Treasure Hunters