10 Ways To Help Calm Your Mind and Battle Anxiety

Calm your mind

Like everyone, I have my ups and downs. Very few times have I had, what I would consider, severe downs. Anxiety. Depression. Obsessive thoughts.

It seemed silly to be so down after a two week trip, but it hit me. Hard.

You see, I have a very active brain

Almost nightly, I imagine people breaking in.
I fear every time I get in a car we’re going to get hit.
I worry that someone walking on the side of the road will decide they want to walk in front of my car.
When I’m going to sleep, I think about dying, in my sleep.
It frightens me to go to some public places because someone could be about to shoot it up.

{The list could go on for a while, but I’ll leave it at that.}

So yeah, an active brain in the worst possible way.

When someone hears about these thoughts, they usually say something like, “Don’t let it bother you.” Understandably, people want to help, but my friends and family aren’t the ones that can help me.

When I was at my lowest, I began to realize what could help battle my anxiety and repetitive thoughts.

Calm your mind

10 Ways To Help Calm Your Mind and Battle Anxiety

1) Watching funny TV shows and movies. When I was feeling down I put aside Parenthood because there were too many sad things going on. If I think it will make me laugh or at the very least take my mind off of things, I’ll give it a chance.

2) Read. Books have always been my friend and I can usually lose myself in a few pages, but it doesn’t always work – a wandering brain can be a regular unfortunate occurrence. I dig into audiobooks a bit to help me stay focused. It doesn’t always work, but if there’s an audiobook to go along with a book I have, then game on!

3) See sunlight. While all I wanted to do was lay around, it’s nice to go sit outside, if only for a couple of minutes. Plus it makes our cat happy to get some sun as well.

4) Relax as needed/yoga/stretching. Yoga (and stretching in general) has done wonders for me. Focusing on breathing and relaxing my body seems to put me in a better place, if only for a little while. It has also helped me get to sleep if I concentrate on breathing during restless nights.

5) Drink water. Water intake is always really important. You want to make sure that your brain gets the proper nutrients that it needs, along with eating healthy for your body.

6) Lay with your pet. Or just pet them if they don’t want to lay down. I don’t know what it is about pets, but darn it if they don’t know when you need them most. Don’t have a pet? Ask your friends – I bet they’d let you. Or you can always come see our little Chiker. He likes everyone 🙂

7) Take a social media break. If there’s anything I’ve learned when I’m feeling anxious, it’s the less I’m on social media, the less I’m comparing myself to others and I overall feel a bit better about what’s going on.

8) Shop online. No, buying things doesn’t “help”, but Amazon, eBay, and online retailers can help because when I’m feeling down I don’t want to leave the house much. From cross stitching supplies to toilet paper, online orders are the best!

9) Play/color/LEGO/cross stitch/craft. Kids have fun with life, why can’t we have fun as adults? I occasionally work on a new LEGO set and I love coloring or cross stitching for a bit. Following patterns seems to help my brain stay focused. Doodling can also help because you can let the pencil wander and see where it goes.

10) Talk to someone. Find someone you trust or look into talking to a therapist. Jeff has been there for me through all of this and I’ve talked his ear off and cried to him too many times to keep track, but I also know that talking to a therapist – even if for a short time – can help.

Friends may be a bit more understanding than family as it may be easier to talk to them. I have a friends that I know I can talk about anxiety related things with. Why? Because anxiety is a normal/regular occurring thing in so many people.

{Bonus aka my favorite} Scream into a pillow/cry/let out the emotions.

Anxiety, depression… it’s a huge downer, to put it super lightly. I now realize just how much it can affect a person, and also their family and friends. It can be so crippling – mentally and physically.

If you’re suffering or have suffered in the past, please take care of yourself and know that you’re not alone.